Friday, February 22, 2008

Can you believe it...

We have enough hair to do something with it.
It has taken 2 years but it has been worth the wait. :-)
Savannah 1st Piggy Tail.

She loves coloring
Savannah loves Ginger and loves giving her hugs and kisses!


leslie said...

Carrie, she is so adorable. I love the pig tails!

Collins Family said...

I love the pig tails...I am afraid we will be waiting a long time as well for Isabelle to get enough hair so we can do something with it. Oh well that is fine we will wait! Savannah is so cute!

Staci said...

My niece is the cutest thing (next to my son). Her piggy tails are so adorable! Even if she had no hair, she would still be cute!

Aunt Sissy