Monday, July 28, 2008

Carrington and Savannah...summertime fun together...

Mimi has had Carrington this summer and Savannah Leigh has just had a blast with her. Poor Carrington is followed all around the house and copied all day long. Whatever Carrington does Savannah Leigh does or at least tries to do the same thing. It's really cute seeing them together except when they are fighting over toys and telling on each other about not sharing. Carrington...Savannah Leigh is going to miss you when you go back to school next month and so will Toby and Ginger.
Have a great school year, learn alot so you can teach Savannah Leigh more and more next summer.
Savannah eating hamburger and fries.
Carrington eating hamburger and fries.
Carrington and Toby taking a nap on the couch.
Eating lunch.

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