Saturday, August 23, 2008

Broken Ears...

Yep, this is what Savannah told the Dr. Plus, she also told Dr. Wetherton that her toe was broken too. NICE!! Poor Savannah didn't sleep good last Sunday night and I thought to myself as I was up holding her all night...oh no, not this again. Yep, she had a double ear infection. At Savannah's 9 month check I can remember Savannah's Dr...Dr. Robson saying has she ever had a ear infection and I stated…nope. Well, he looked at me and said she has a double ear infection and it started from there. Prescriptions after prescription then shots and still double ear infection so we saw Dr. Brown an ENT specialist and we had tubes put in January 2007. She had done great until her 2 year check up when Dr. Robson removed her right tube and then stated her left was in the canal and working it's way out. Well, it's started this last Monday and thank goodness her medicine seems to be helping. We will see once she is done with this round and go back for a check up. I pray if she continues to get ear infections the Dr.'s put the tubes back in. We shall see.

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