Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Orientation...

Today was Savannah's 1st orientation day at the preschool she will be attending this year. I am so excited for her but it make us a little sad that our baby girl is growing up so quickly. I am sure I will be a mess on her 1st day next week!!
Savannah walking down the hall to her classroom.
How sweet with her "packpack" on.
(Yes, that is what she calls her back pack)
Savannah sharing with one of her new schoolmates.
My sweet baby girl!!

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Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

Gosh! I got sad reading that. I know it is hard to leave her, but she will love making new friends and all the activities. I will call you soon to get the kids togather at our new house. Take Care and Good Luck with pre-school. Cristy ( :