Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day of Preschool...

Yesterday morning was Savannah's 1st day of preschool. She is only going a couple of hours 2 days a week and it still breaks mommy’s heart. Mommy was doing really well until Mimi called sniffling and that is when mommy lost it. She cried all morning and paced the office until Mimi picked me up for preschool. Mommy was relieved when I told her I loved it and had so much fun!! Thanks you mom for making her 1st day special and thanks to Mrs. De Ann and Mrs. Kim for opening your classroom up to Savannah. I know she is going to learn a lot and make such great new friends!!
Reading a card Mommy gave me.
Gathering all the items I want to take to school. :-)
Loading up in the car
Walking up to school.
Getting ready to color in my new classroom.

1st thing I made in school.

Savannah Leigh giving Mrs. De Ann a hug goodbye.

Zachary~ we hope you had a great day!

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Casey Wallace said...

Oh my, I can't believe how big she looks with that backpack! So cute!