Friday, September 26, 2008

Ear Tubes...

Savannah has had issues with double ear infections since she was 9 months old. At 11 months the Dr.'s scheduled for ear tube placement in both ears. Surgery went well and ear infections went away. Then at her 2 year check up the Dr.'s removed her left tube and stated that the right tube was making it's way out of the ear canal. Guess what...ear infections started coming back and after the 2nd double ear infection and being on the yucky medicine I just took it upon myself to call Dr. Brown (ENT Dr.) and he said come in ASAP. That was a week ago today and this morning she went for her 2nd set of ear tubes. We are home and she has recovered great from this morning. It was a rough ride home because poor little thing got sick but she is now playing in her playroom and yelling for Ginger to come join her. Please keep her in your thoughts that the ear infections stay away!! And that this is the last time we have to go through this.

Bright and early on our way to the surgery center.
Patiently waiting to be called back.
Love all the stickers.
Savannah's "GIRL"


Carrie, Brian and William said...

Glad to hear her recovery is going well. Hopefully no more ear infections!

Collins Family said...

Glad to hear it all went well. I hope those yucky ear infections stay away and you Miss Savannah can stay well this winter!

Colleen, JB, Alex & Abby said...

Hopefully no more ear infections for Miss Savannah! I'm glad everything went well.