Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our little "I do it myself"

Our little “I do it myself”…
When mommy gets ready Savannah likes to copy everything mommy does. Here are a few examples: When mommy puts deodorant on Savannah has to have some, when mommy puts mascara on Savannah has to have some too but it’s usually just pretending to put it on and mommy does it for me. Well, this morning while daddy was in the shower and mommy was putting something in the car Savannah decided to get ready too. When mommy came back in from being outside for a very short few moments Mommy had a nice surprise waiting for her. Yes, Savannah unscrewed the top of mommy’s mascara and had it all on her face, hands and shirt. She was so happy and said “Look, I did it myself.” All we could do was laugh and say yes you did!

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