Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ginger...what a great loving dog. When Savannah wakes each morning Ginger is the first at her door and can’t wait to see Savannah. Savannah loves Ginger just as much as Ginger loves Savannah Leigh. At times Savannah Leigh picks at, nags on and hangs on Ginger. Ginger just lays there and takes the beating.
Has anyone read the book "Marley & Me" Well, this is Ginger. She is such a sweet loving dog and is so good with Savannah but when she gets bored or is outside she loves to chew, chew, and chew. She hasn’t done as much damage as Marley but she has done enough. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out.Toby...he is a good ole boy. As you can tell he is getting a little old because he has recently started to lie down and eat his food. But from what I remember in this picture he is only eating the food because Ginger wants something to eat. Toby eats every last drop of food thinking we won't refill the bowl for Ginger. He is a daddy's boy. I have been feeding this dog for 8 years and when I want him to come inside, get off the couch or quit doing something he looks at me like "WHATEVER." Toby loves Savannah especially when she has food and will occasionally give her kisses. Savannah calls Toby Jo...Toby Toe. It's too cute!!

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