Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nails, Toes and Beach...

This morning Savannah Leigh wanted her toes and nails painted. Her nails were already painted because MiMi had to get her nails done before leaving for the beach and at that time she had Savannah's nails painted too. I think Savannah had over heard MiMi telling someone that she was going to the beach because when we were all done painting and drying Savannah's toes and nails she said "Ok, I am ready to go to the beach Mom."
We won't be going to the beach anytime soon but MiMi, PaPa, Aunt Sissy, Uncle Chad, Logan, Aunt Anita and Uncle Jay are all there enjoying the sun and sand.


Staci said...

I miss you Savannah! Your nails and toes are so pretty. See you soon!
Love Logan

Staci said...

I miss you Savannah! Your toes and nails sure do look pretty. See you soon!