Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daddy playing paintball...Savannah playing with all her friends...

While all the dad's were outside playing paintball, all the kids and Mom's were inside playing. Thanks Sara, Fred and Camryn for having us over again. We had a blast!! Savannah had so much fun playing with Camryn, Farmer, Ava, Cooper, Tate and Sydney. Mommy had a blast hanging out with all the girlz talking and daddy had fun outside in the muddy mess!

Princess and Cinderella Savannah and Camryn eating their cookies with Irish sparkles

Mr. Tate.
Casey and Jeremy...he is just precious!

Sydney with her Aunt Laurie.
Sydney is just adorable!

Playing Wii...yes the kids were playing and Sara was helping out!
Sara, Savannah, Farmer and Camryn.

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