Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Savannah's Soccer Journey...

Shall be really interesting...
So most of the parents were out the dragging their kids up and down the field. Some kids were on the t-ball field running around the bases, playing in the dirt and Savannah was wanting ice cream. (Bribery does wonders at times... Mommy told her if she stayed out on the field she would get some after the game. Well, that MiMi would take her b/c Mommy and Daddy were going to Thunder Over Louisville.) Unfortunately, Savannah's team lost 6 to 4.
But they did great for this being there 1st game.

All dressed and ready to play soccer.
Team Dyno practicing before the game.

Savannah taking the coach one on one.

Team gathered for the "rules"

Logan watching from the side line even though he was really wanting to be with all the kids.

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