Monday, June 1, 2009

School Year Celebration...

It's the end of the school year and Savannah's school had a celebration. They all were so adorable and had changed so much since their first day of school. Can't wait to get the slide show that Ms. De Ann created. We will miss seeing everyone this summer but hope to have some play dates? Plus, next year we are hoping all the kids will be back to the same school and have class together again.
Thanks to Covenant Kids for a wonderful school year for Savannah Leigh.
You all are absolutely awesome!
Graduating 2 year class.
Walking so proud!
Savannah was so proud of herself.
It was so cute when she was receiving her school diploma.

Classroom singing songs.
This was great.
I have a video of them singing but it's a large file so stay tuned.
Logan loved it.
He wanted to be right up there with all the kids.

Brynn and Savannah Leigh acting silly!

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