Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snoring, Snoring and More Snoring...

God bless Savannah's little heart her snoring is horrible as well is grinding her teeth while she sleeps. Last June I took her to her ENT and asked what we could do because her dentist told us she would grind her teeth down to nothing before they fall out if she keeps going the pace she was. Not only was it a horrible experience for Savannah but Mommy left the office pretty upset too. It took 3 nurses, Mommy and the Dr. to hold Savannah for the scope to go down her nose to look at the size of her adenoids. Dr. said she had about a 75% blockage but more than likely would grow out of it. Therefore, we waited and the snoring got louder and the grinding of her teeth got worse. I could hear all of this at night while she was sleeping via the baby monitor. Finally, we agreed to meet with the Dr. again and proceed on getting something done. Before we left the office, we scheduled the TNA and ear tube replacement. Not knowing what to expect and hearing all the different stories I was hearing we went into this thinking this would go over great. Not great with Savannah because she freaks out when she hears the word Dr, shot, etc.

Here are the pictures of her after her procedure.

She is doing great and we go for her check up Friday, Feb. 26th. Well, let me rephrase that, her throat and ear is doing great but her poor belly went through a lot. I am glad we choose to spend the night at the hospital but I expected our experience to be a lot different from what it was. Needless to say we were sent home with her stomach still having issues, dehydrated and on medicine that she was allergic to. And because of this we ended back at the hospital 7 hours later with a child running a high fever, extremely dehydrated and a large air bubble in her intestines which was causing her severe pain.

We had some great employees of KCH stop by to visit us and we greatly appreciate them taking the time out of their daily work schedule to do this.  Thanks!!

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