Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

What a nice day it was. Savannah and I woke up early and headed to church. Logan Hoene was dedicated and what a special day for that to happen...Father's Day. I wished my dad a Happy's Father's Day as they were headed out to Austin's for brunch and Savannah Leigh and I went home to spend time with daddy. Later that evening we went to Sean's family's house for dinner. Thanks!!

The gang...Daddy, Savannah Leigh, Ginger and Toby.
Daddy and Savannah riding around on PaPa McShane's tractor.
Look...Savannah Leigh is driving
I can't wait to break the paci habit but Savannah just loves her snodel too much
for me to even think of taking that away from her.
Savannah Leigh riding on tracor with MaMaw.

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