Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some cute pictures...ENJOY!

Tuesday evening's Rainbow. (One side of the rainbow)
Now, the other side of the rainbow.
I should of posted this a long time ago...This is a puff blanket that a really good friend of ours made. They are just the neatest. Too bad I can't sew but one day I would love to learn. This is the top view of the puff blanket. Thanks so much for making this Mary!!
The puffs.
Side view.
Back view.
CLose up of the back.

Savannah enjoying ice cream @ Norton Commons that Tommy got her!!
Tommy and Paula...thanks for inviting us that night.
We had a great time and glad it cooled off a little. :-)

Still Loving her ice cream.

Posing in the sandbox.

Filling the pool up.


1 comment:

innocent_Dove said...

wow i loved the blanket

its wonder ful beautiful :)

wish if i had one like it

n the kid is sooo cute