Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paci update...Savannah calls it the "broken paci"

Tuesday nap time- She did well except for talking and playing with all her toys in the bed for a hour then crashed. When she woke up from nap she was doing great and didn't ask for the "broken paci."

Tuesday evening- On our way to meet Brian, Ginny and Anna for dinner Savannah only asked for her snodel on the way to the resturant so that is another good step in the right direction. On the way home she wanted both but I told her she could only have snodel since her paci was "broken" She said ok. Yes, my heart melts and I would love to give in a give it back to her but that would only make it harder for the next go around on getting rid of the paci.

Tuesday bed time- When I laid her down at 8:30pm I did not put the "broken paci" in bed with her. She talked, sang and played for a while before asking me over the monitor for her paci. I took the paci into her but under one condition...I took out the toys in her bed. She eventually feel asleep at 10:30pm. When I went in to tuck her in her bed for the last time of the night I took the paci back out to the kitchen and she woke up this morning just fine without it.

I am really hoping she gets used to this being gone and falls asleep quickly like she did when she had that security of the paci??

If anyone that reads this blog have any suggestions please leave a comment. I am up to doing whatever it takes to make this easy on Savannah and us.

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Colleen, J.B. & Alex said...

It seems that you are doing a great job of slowly getting rid of the paci...I hope Alex's transition without a paci will be that easy!!