Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh my...

Does anyone have a child out there that just loves a special animal, character or what ever it might be that they have to take it EVERY WHERE? If so, then you know exactly what we are going through. Uncle Pat couldn't wait any longer and had to give Savannah Leigh one of her favorite things...A HUGE Minnie Mouse (it's about the same size as Savannah Leigh). She loves it so much that last night Minnie sit at the table with us while we ate dinner, watched TV, Savannah wanted her in the bath with her but mommy said NO WAY, and even she sits on the big girl potty with Savannah Leigh. Oh my, should I forget she slept in bed with Savannah too. I called MaMaw (who is watching her today) to see how things were going this morning and she said Savannah had Minnie right with her every step of the way. Let’s just hope she doesn’t take it to school with her this morning. :-) I forgot, last night on the way home all I could see in my mirror was Minnie instead of Savannah…Savannah said, “Mommy, get her a car seat.” That was really hard to explain to a 2.5 year old that Minnie doesn’t need a car seat but Savannah Leigh still needs to stay in hers. Thanks Uncle Pat for thinking of Savannah!!

Fruit Loop necklace~ Savannah and MaMaw made this on Tuesday for Mommy. It’s adorable but I couldn’t wear it because Savannah wanted to and she also wanted Minnie to have it on too. Thanks for the fruit loop necklace.

P.S. Savannah has not ate all the fruit loops…yet! :-)
Minnie, Savannah and Mommy's fruit loop necklace.
Minnie wearing Mommy's fruit loop necklace.

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