Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yucky, Yucky, Bug...

Oh my, I never wish this upon anyone...stomach bug. It started out with little man Logan Friday who ended up in the Kosair Children's emergency room Friday evening, then Mimi all day Saturday and yep, mommy Saturday night. When I didn't eat anything that my Aunt Barbara fixed I knew something was wrong. Sorry I missed out on her awesome rolls!! Yes, at about 3am Sunday morning~ I could not handle the well...I won't go there so I told Sean I was going to the ER because I had 1 hour until things got really bad again. It seemed like it took 4-ever for them to get me back in a room and all fixed up with medicine but once they did man did I feel so much better. Thanks so much dad for coming up there an helping me with the covers, trash can, and the nurses. I greatly appreciate it! Today we are back on our feet and feeling so much better.
Suggestion: If you get this nasty bug go to the ER and get the magic medicine. Don't put yourself through the 24 hours of H%%L without anything!

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